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Welcome to Cub Scouts Pack 676 Public Website

Our Pack’s private website is

Welcome to PACK 676 in the Loma Prieta District of the Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council.

A message from our CubMaster:

Parent and family involvement is a necessity in cub scouts. Please consider becoming a parent volunteer by asking any of the leaders how you can help.  Recruitment will now take place in the month of Septembers and May, and all scouts are invited to bring a friend to our beach bridging ceremony plus hotdog & S’more dinner. Summer activities will be announced, and a calendar of events for the school break period will be handed out. Kindergarten students are needed to keep our pack strong and they should join at this time, so they can get into summer day camp(s) and get a head start into the Tiger year! We have the most fun and do the bulk of our outdoor activities during the summer months. If you know anyone interested in joining all the scouting fun, bring them along to sign up, so they don’t miss out on all the activities, including camp outs and hikes! Finally, if you or anyone you know is a computer wizard, we would love your help with our pack website. We would like someone to keep it fresh and up to date throughout the year, and would appreciate any help we can get!  

Thanks to all the families and cubs for making Pack 676 so much fun for us all.

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Loma Prieta District of the Silicon Valley Monterey Bay  Council website:
The Website contains links to the national website and other important scouting sites.
District Email address:


BSA National Council website:  

Belt Loop and Pin requirements, as well as other scouting information:
This site also has some fun skits and songs as well as all the advancement requirements.

The BSA Den Leader & Pack Resource information can be found at the Baloo’s Bugle Website:

The BSA Official Training website for leader volunteers:

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Pack 676 Volunteers


PACK 676 Leaders and Volunteers!

Leadership Team

June 2013-2014

contact information

Cub Master

 Josh Jordan


Assistant Cub Master

 Kent Wingfield

Committee Chair

Christa Harrington

class b t shirts

Jeff Marsh

Webelos II

Anna Allen

Webelos I Den Leader

David Jacobson

Bears Den 3 Leader

Jeff Marsh

Bears Den 5 Leader

Heather Wingfield


Wolf Den Leader

Wolf Assistant



Tigers Den Leader


Tigers Assistant


Popcorn Chairperson


Popcorn assistant